Precision Image Digitizer

Precision Image Digitizer Version 1.30 Free trial

A photo digitization software program enabling to mark coordinates on top of photos of all formats

This simple and compact utility enables greater photo manipulation capabilities. You don’t have to remember by heart where the area you're interested in is located within the photo nor do you have to suffice with approximate location. Precision Image Digitizer enables you to record the coordinates of your selected points in a JPG, GIF, or BMP file.
When you locate the object of your interest simply point and click on it and its coordinates will immediately be displayed on the screen. You can then proceed to export them to an ASCII text file, to an AutoCAD DXF file, or to print them. The files containing the imported information can then be imported into any other program capable of reading text files or DXF files.
Coordinates are measured in pixels but can also be customized in accordance with users' preferences and needs. The software program supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.
The software program's basic version (although the advanced version also seems quite basic to us) comes for free.
Since it's a compact and small utility it delivers good enough results regarding this single purpose it serves, but you should also note there are other alternatives out there, some, are even better.
Users come first